An excellent location of investment areas and convenient access to one of the most important communication routes is a strategic advantage of the commune.
The commune is located in central Poland, in Włocławek district, in the south-eastern part of Kujawsko-Pomorskie Voivodeship.
Convenient location next to one of the most important communication routes creates perfect development perspectives and unlimited opportunities for investors.
Brześć Kujawski is a region characterised by perfect geographic location in Poland and Europe. The commune’s location at the crossing of important communication routes and a distance of less than 200 km away from Baltic harbours of Gdańsk and Gdynia are its undeniable assets.
The road network located in the commune area includes: A1 motorway (part of the Trans-European Transport corridor which connects Scandinavia with countries of the Mediterranean Sea) joining harbours in Gdańsk and Gdynia with the southern part of Poland and a network of national and regional, district and commune roads.
National road 62 running across the commune, national road 91 located within less than 10 km, a very good network of commune roads and the nearest international airports in Warsaw as well as airports in Bydgoszcz or Łódź located within 100 km are important distinguishing assets of Brześć Kujawski Economic Zone.
The area is located within the city of Włocławek which has 100,000 inhabitants, 200 km away from Gdańsk and Gdynia harbour and 165 km away from international airport in Warsaw. The said area is situated within convenient distances from the region’s large cities which are the voivodeship administrative centres. This makes investment areas attractive for companies from Western and Eastern Europe alike.




Proximity to cities which are business centres:
Brześć Kujawski - Berlin 427 km
Brześć Kujawski - Prague 568 km
Brześć Kujawski - Minsk 780 km
Brześć Kujawski - Helsinki 1110 km
Brześć Kujawski - Paris 1446 km
Brześć Kujawski - Oslo 1450 km
Brześć Kujawski - Moscow 1478 km
Brześć Kujawski - London 1487 km
Brześć Kujawski - Rome 1818 km



Proximity to selected cities in Poland
Bydgoszcz 97 km
Łódź 122 km
Poznań 154 km
Warsaw 182 km
Gdańsk 220 km
Katowice 317 km
Szczecin 365 km
Lublin 376 km
Rzeszów 456 km

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